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Africa Backpacking Old Blog Archive

Desert Wonderland

[ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 10.02.2016] Every once in a while, a backpacker’s travel stars align so beautifully so as to create an experience that transcends the realms of realistic expectation and enters the pantheon of personal globe-trotting immortality. The mere mention of a city or, even more rarely, an entire country that has merited inclusion into this …

Africa Backpacking Old Blog Archive

Safari Time

[ORIGINALLY POSTED 08.02.2016] “Stop! STOP!!! STOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!! Hyenas, mother and cub, 8 o’ clock!” You never forget your first safari sighting. Neither will my nine tour companions, as my shrill, robbery-victim falsetto threatens to shatter every pane of glass in our spotting vehicle. That the animals have not scarpered across the border into Angola is a …