I have always liked my job, but recently I have started to love it… I am currently undoubtedly mistaking this new-found passion as a sign of long-overdue maturity, and my mother certainly interpreted it in that way last weekend as I gushed about how huge an empire of glass I was building.

Was I on crack? I should say so… Perhaps even perma-crack, for the lifetime commitment to lunacy.

I have always liked the idea of a blog, of committing to posterity those fleeting thoughts that I think are so profound but in reality would struggle to feature on a Channel 5 reality TV show. But for whatever the reason, tonight is the night I have decided to start it. Some may say the beers on the plane may have given birth to these revolutionary thoughts. And some would probably be right too.

But I know why (flash of inspiration!), it is because of my unbridled joy at landing at Tallinn airport, whizzing through passport control, customs and no traffic to a nice boutique hotel in the shadow of the cathedral-type thingy on the main square. I have a beer in my hand and I feel great. I feel truly lucky to be here. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to work my nuts off over the next few days, but it ain’t bad being able to ply your trade by flying all over Europe. To paraphrase the much maligned Ronald McDonald: I’m loving it.

How is one supposed to end a blog entry? 10-4? Wilco? Does anyone care?

Nope, goodnight…

[Author’s note, 12 years on: it is almost as satisfying knowing how much my writing and photography has improved as it is cringeworthy re-reading this first ever post…]

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