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Good Times & Pad Thais

If the way to a man’s heart is indeed through his stomach, as the popular idiomatic expression goes, this would go a long way towards explaining the direct correlation between two of my biggest passions and pleasures in life. The exploration of a country’s cultural heritage via its gastronomy is such a vital component of …

Asia Backpacking Big Asia Trip 2023 Couchsurfing

9 Photos Of… Japan

Well, where to begin? Picking a mere 9 photos is a genuinely tricky task, because Japan delivered it all on this visit, truly. From global award-winning digital art installations to budget Michelin starred meals, via lifetime running achievements and official world records, fantastic human encounters, and even an early blossoming of the famed sakura: Tokyo …

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9 Photos Of… Colombia

And here it is, the hardest task of the entire trip so far… How to condense 704 photos and two months of such varied aesthetic rapture into a single digit gallery, the sole purpose of which should be to make every single recipient immediately open another browser window and book the next available flight to …