And here it is, the hardest task of the entire trip so far…

How to condense 704 photos and two months of such varied aesthetic rapture into a single digit gallery, the sole purpose of which should be to make every single recipient immediately open another browser window and book the next available flight to Colombia*.

Attempting to select the best, or even the most representative images would be impossible. So I have selected my personal favourites, a very pretentious one man grand jury selection, if you will: the photos that have captured either very significant moments of my time in Colombia, or that simply make me smile the smile of someone who appreciates his good fortune at having been able to experience such magnificence at a wonderfully unhurried pace.

In order to redress the imbalance caused by the self-imposed injustice of such a meagre number of highlight images, I implore you all to view the Director’s Cut gallery here. One photo alone within the expanded selection should be carrot enough for you to allocate 5 minutes of your precious time to this review (HINT: an all-time JMK sunburn classic).

* from 2024 onwards…

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