In no order of importance, these are the four criteria by which I evaluate the urban exploration ranking of any given city that invites me to visit. It is no surprise that New York, Melbourne, Cape Town, and Tokyo are my all time favourite urban playgrounds, given that they score perfectly on all counts.

Well to that list can now be added a fifth. São Paulo has absolutely smashed it out of the park in all categories, and it has been an absolute privilege to explore its vibrant streets, dive into its culture and warmly engage with its inhabitants, those dear Paulistanos. To think that I nearly stayed only two nights, when another two months would now be my minimum requirement. 

The enforced change to my original itinerary has transformed the nature of this trip, turning it into a chaotic and spontaneous exercise in logistical planning. I have surprised myself at how easily I have taken this complete turnaround in my stride, but with surprises such São Paulo unexpectedly thrust into my path, I cannot wait for the next unexpected destinations.

For the complete album of photos of São Paulo, with many more photos of street art, architecture, good beer and good people, please click here!

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  1. So pleased that the start of this trip – unexpectedly unplanned as it may have been – is proving to be such a magical endeavour. Enjoy every minute – I am certainly enjoying every update which I consume as soon as I spot it!

    Keep going JMK!

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